About Us

Our Story - From The Seed To Taking Root

We took root more than a decade ago with a vision to make organic food more accessible to people at an affordable price while also ensuring that the farmer receives a fair wage for the thankless work he puts in to feed you and I, day after day.

Our tryst with the Organic world began in 2012 when we happened to visit an organic farm in Puliyangudi, in Tirunelveli. The time we spent there left us in awe of how the organic farm pioneered self-sustenance in Tamil Nadu, without the necessity to  buy anything apart from Salt or Gasoline from outside.

This experience sowed the seeds in us and this vision took root a year later from a small office space that paved the way to us opening our doors to business on an online platform. Everything from sourcing produce to sorting and delivering was quite a task which we undertook  personally. Today, we take pride in being your friendly neighborhood organic store.

Our Ethos - The Essence Of Vaer

By sharing, nurturing, and working with people, who share our vision to be a part of the organic movement, we built an enriching cycle that depicts the way Vaer function.

The cycle begins with the intention to bring to you and your family, a plethora of authentic and organic produce that contributes to your well-being and gradually takes the shape of investment in the growth and well-being of the farmers we work with. We not only try to buy directly from the farmers, but also visit them regularly to give them pointers on the market scenario, how they can bag a good price, what they can grow and how they can spread the basket to sell more effectively.

This cycle is important to us as it does not compromise the well being of the consumer and the provider, enhancing the lives of all those involved.


Statement Of Intent

There are two ways in which we associate with organic farmers. One, we periodically visit farms for inspection, and two, we hear of neighboring organic farms from our existing farmers or close retailers, who we then proceed to vet for authenticity. Our farmers understand the challenges that await a farmer who is trying to convert to the organic way of life and hence, we help them find business and acquire certification. This is exceedingly important to us as our intention at the end of the day is to be a part of the Organic, Slow Food Movement that takes from the environment without depleting it.

Most of the farmers we work with including our dairy farmers wear their hearts on their sleeves when it comes to their functioning and this is why even the male cows live on and graze happily at the dairy farms rather than being sold for culling.

Our Vows To You or We Take A Vow

Being your neighborhood store entails you to transparency. This means, our online store will carry the same commitment to you and your loved ones as our physical stores. At all points of time, we encourage you to ask us questions. Write to us by mail, give us a call or simply write to us on our social media handles.

You can ask our staff, our managers, or our founders any questions you have about the produce you buy, where it comes from, and the manner in which it is grown. We know the story of every product that goes on to our shelves and that’s why we’re confident and always ready with all the answers. It would bring us immense happiness to help you build a bond with the food that goes into your plate every day.

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